Calculus 1

UGA MATH 2250, Spring 2017. Limits and continuity, derivatives, related rates and optimization, definite and indefinite integrals, the fundamental theorem of calculus.

Lecture 1: Overview
Lecture 2: Limits
Lecture 3: Limits, squeeze and continuity
Lecture 4: One-sided limits and continuity; slopes and tangent lines
Lecture 5: Secant Lines, Tangent Lines
Lecture 6: Trigonometric limits, infinite limits, asymptotes
Lecture 7: Derivatives, full on
Lecture 8: Derivatives of trigonometric and exponential functions
Lecture 9: Chain Rule
Lecture 10: More Chain Rule
Lecture 11: Applications of the Chain Rule
Lecture 12: Hard Problems
Lecture 13: Practice Problems
Lecture 14: Applications of the Chain Rule, Part 2
Lecture 15: Applications of the Chain Rule, Part 3
Lecture 16: Applications of derivatives
Lecture 17: Related Rates
Lecture 18: Related Rates, part 2
Lecture 19: Applications of differentiation
Lecture 21: Exam 2 review
Lecture 22: Curve sketching and optimization
Lecture 23: Optimization and curve sketching
Lecture 24: Infinite limits, horizontal asymptotes and L'Hopital's rule
Lecture 25: Optimization practice
Lecture 26: Antiderivatives
Lecture 27: u-substitution
Lecture 28: u-substitution practice
Lecture 29: Definite integrals and Riemann sums
Lecture 30: Definite integrals and the fundamental theorem of calculus I
Lecture 31: The fundamemtal theorem of calculus II
Scratch work from review 1: Not very well organized scratch paper from our in-class review
Scratch work from review 2: more scratch paper from our in-class review