Danny Krashen

Using shapes to understand the arithmetic of algebraic structures.

Workshop: Topological Approaches to Algebra and Arithmetic Geometry (posted )

Don’t miss the upcoming workshop on the interface between algebraic topology and algebra and arithmetic geometry. This workshop will be geared towards graduate students and early career mathematicians, however all are more than welcome to attend!

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Late Afternoon Algebraic Structures Tea (posted )

Tomorrow at 2:30 we’ll be having a meeting of the LAAST seminar in room 326, featuring our own Patricio Gallardo, who will be talking about his recent work.

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MathCamp 2016
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The LAAST Seminar

The Late Afternoon Algebraic Structures Tea is an informal seminar/meeting to discuss current topics in Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, or General Nonsense. Sign up below to make sure to be notified when a meeting is announced! IFTTT Recipe: LAAST meeting notification connects feed to
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Don't miss a coffee hour!

Coffee hours are an opportunity for informal meetings to talk about classes, majors, mathematics, and other things. They are open to my students and advisees, and whoever happens to be in the matrix at the time! Lattes and snacks are generally featured. IFTTT Recipe: coffee hour notification connects feed to if-notifications IFTTT Recipe: coffee hour email notification connects feed to email