Danny Krashen (research)

Using shapes to understand the arithmetic of algebraic structures.

Field patching is a technique for working with algebraic structures over fields of transcendence degree 1 over complete discretely valued fields, such as Qp(t). Over the past few years, I have been working with David Harbater and Julia Hartmann on developing this theory in order to answer questions about division algebras, quadratic forms, Galois cohomology and torsors for linear algebraic groups over such fields. These techniques also give rise to a number of new local-global principles for algebraic structures over these fields.

The complexity of algebraic structures and its relation to field arithmetic has been major theme in my recent research. Algebraic structures such as central simple algebras and quadratic forms give rise to a number of important arithmetic invariants of a field, such as its Brauer dimension and its u-invariant. These invariants are related to each other as well as to the field's Diophantine dimension, cohomological dimension, and symbol length bounds for Galois cohomology. Many fundmental problems in field arithmetic involve understanding these invariants and their relationship to each other, and there are many more invariants defined via algebra and algebraic geometry which promise to hold very rich and subtle information about field arithmetic.


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