Math 492: Honors Seminar

Rutgers MATH 492, Sprin 2020.
Arithmetic, algebraic and analytic perspectives of the concept of resonance.

Spherical Harmonics
  • Instructor: Daniel Krashen
  • Office: Hill Center 220 (Busch Campus)
  • Lecture Schedule: TBD
  • Office Hours: TBA
  • Text: The sensual (quadratic) form, by J. H. Conway

This course will cover different ideas broadly around the idea of the famous question "can you hear the shape of a drum?" and its connections to various other areas of mathematics, from the arithmetic of quadratic forms and division algebras, to elliptic curves and even partial differential equations.

We will start with the text "The sensual (quadratic) form," by Conway, and proceed to explore other related texts as dictated by time and taste.