Graph Theory

Rutgers MATH 428, Spring 2020.
Graph Theory

Lecture 1: Introduction.
Lecture 2: Definitions and basic notions.
Lecture 3: The language of muligraphs and pseudographs. Eulerian tours and circuits, part 1.
Lecture 4: Eulerian tours and circuits, part 2.
Lecture 5: Minimal paths and Dijkstra's algorithm.
Lecture 6: Trees.
Lecture 7: Minimal spanning trees: Kruskal and Prim.
Lecture 8: Matrix perspectives, more minimal spanning trees.
Lecture 9: Graph theory introduction (Level 2). Cut vertices.
Lecture 10: Characterizations of connectedness and separability
Lecture 11: Equivalence relations and blocks (part 1)
Lecture 12: Graphs and epidemiology. Review of blocks and equivalence relations
Lecture 13: Separations, subdivisions and cycles
pre-Lecture 14: Cuts and connectivity
Lecture 14: Cuts and connectivity
Lecture 15: What's the point of Menger's Theorem?
pre-Lecture 16: Colorings
Lecture 16: Colorings