Applied Algebra

Rutgers MATH 357 Spring 2020
Applied Algebra

Jpeg2000 2-level wavelet transform-lichtenstein
  • Exam 1 grades

    Here’s a summary of the grades for exam 1 and their meanings. You can find your numerical score on Sakai.

    Exam 1 grade summary

  • Practice Sheet for Exam 1

    The practice sheet for the first exam is now online. You can find it here:

    Practice Sheet for Exam 1.

  • Notes on the discrete Fourier transform and filters

    I’ve just put together some review notes on the discrete Fourier transform and filters. In part this was to correct a couple of notational inconsistencies between my lecture and the textbook. These are related to the definition of the Fourier coefficients, which disagreed from the text by a scale factor of N.

    Please take a look at both the written notes, which you can find here: signals.pdf, and the accompanying video, which is linked to the notes, which you can find here:YouTube.

    See you all Thursday!

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