The first homework assignment has been put online on the WebWork system. The assignment will be due at the end of the week (January 13 at 9pm). There is no calculus involved in the assignment, it is simply to make sure everyone can log into and use the system. Don’t wait to start this! It is critical that we make sure everyone can use the system as soon as possible.

#####instructions and tips for getting into the system:

You can access our class WebWork page at:

The first time you go to the WebWork address, you will be given a warning about the security, for example “This connection is untrusted,” or similar. Please ignore this and continue (i.e. choose “continue” or “proceed” or “I understand the risks”, etcetera).

logging on works like this:

login: (myid)
password: 810123456

To log into the system, your username is your myid (i.e. if your uga email is, then your username is “person3141”) Your password is the first nine digits of your 810 number (or 811 number as the case may be), written together without dashes. For example, your password will look something like: 810123456. This might mean that you are omitting the last digit of your card (which might actually be 8101234561, for example).