Keep in mind that this website is for two differenct sections of calculus, with different meeting times, but with the same lecture, homework and exam schedule.

####Basic Logistical Information

Textbook: We will be using our own free textbook based on the Mooculus textbook, freely available via a creative commons license.
Direct Download Link
GitHub Repository

This textbook is part of the Mooculus Online Calculus 1 project, which includes various online course material. We will not be using these materials as a required part of our course, however, these materials can be useful for reinforcing and reviewing materials.

Homework: Homework will be due on Wednesday evenings, and will be done using the WebWork system. The system should be up and running, and I’ve already put up a test assignment and instructions as soon as that happens so that everyone can get used to the system.

Exams: The exam schedule will be available in the next few days. Please make sure that the dates work for you (i.e. you are not going to be out of town, etc). If there are legitimate issues with the dates that you are aware of early on, sometimes accomodations can be made. This is rarely possible at the last minute, however.

####Pre-Course Review Ideas

I strongly recommend that my students review some material from Algebra 2 / Trigonometry / Pre-Calculus both before the course begins, and during the semester. As a first step, I’d recommend the following review material prior to the course: